Back pain is typically thought of as “spine pain” but in reality a number of conditions can produce pain in your back.   Chiropractors are trained professionals dedicated to determining the origin of your problem and getting you the treatment you need.

The back is divided regionally into the “low back”, “mid-back”, and “upper back”, but the neck is essentially a part of that structure. Often, back pain bridges one or more regions. The “tailbone” and “pelvis” are an integral part of the back. It is equally important to consider the base of the skull (the occiput) as a component as well, since they are all connected.

Back pain showing up in the spine or any of these other regions that is coming from an internal organ system or a nerve issue can be identified with orthopedic and neurologic testing that can be done by Dr. Sibilla right inside the Blue Heron Chiropractic Clinic without having to refer you out.

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