To name a few:
Board Certified provider with over 22 years of experience (and actual licensure) in one location.
– I hold a Diplomate and Fellow Certification in Chiropractic Orthopedics (DABCO/FACO) and also a Diplomate in Disability Analysis (DABDA).
– I seek to be a “provider-with-heart” and I am also straightforward. I will get right to the root of the problem without dancing around.
– I listen well, take accurate notes, write well-accepted treatment plans, letters, and great reports.

– I can communicate clearly. I want you to understand me and to know your body.
– My techniques include the most modern and well-accepted sytles. No “experimental”, “seminar stuff” or “mumbo-jumbo” styles here.

– I can tailor treatments to exactly what the situation requires, and I am not tethered to any single restrictive “brand” or dogma.
– I adjust using a wide range of intention, from force to non-force, shallow or deep. You can make requests about how deep I am going to adjust.
– For major injury; and motor vehicle accident; and work injury recovery, I use the most well-accepted formulas for care and rehabilitation.
– No hype. No pitch. (Other than this web page.)
– My life experiences include activism, community services, Martial Arts, extreme sports, construction, technical, cultural, philosophical. I have exposure in a lot of areas.This means a greater understanding of your activities of daily living. A provider needs to be able to relate.
– I take the time you need. We support you in being responsible for your own health.
– We have chiropractic assistants to make the treatments flow smoothly, and cut down on waiting times.
– We provide Massage Therapy during the treatments by Licensed Massage Therapists (when indicated).
– We have some of the most advanced PT equipment available. The Chiropractic portion of the clinic has three specialized treatment rooms, and two massage rooms, which we match to our patient’s needs. – Our facility is vintage Old Portland and we have maintained that soft, comfortable atmosphere. No hard edges.
– We are completely handicapped accessible, have ramps, wheelchairs, and hydraulic tables to lift and move patients in pain.
– We have a medicinary of natural, herbal, and homeopathic supplements and vitamins that you can begin taking right away.
– We have People Magazine in every room. (I am told this is very important.) Even more importantly, We listen to our patient’s feedback.

Here’s a big one – Referrals and Integration with Other Doctors.
We are integrated with a partner group of MD’s, DO’s, surgeons, specialists, pain management clinics, and hospitalists that can get our patients any type of inpatient or outpatient care that is needed, without having to go searching though lists of names. These doctors will treat you and work with me without having to chase after them and beg for records, referrals, etc. This makes an entire world of healthcare available to you by being a patient at this clinic, and makes it easier for me to get you more care – for the times when conservative care just isn’t enough.

Here’s a few more important ones:
– For Medical-Legal questions, we have excellent legal advisors and we select the business cards of only the best lawyers to advise our patients. On request, we will typically give you a selection of three or more people to talk to if you need advice or help. If a lawyer does not perform well for a patient, we simply don’t recommend them any longer. But we can get you the help you need, if you need an advocate.
– For women’s health crises, or cases of abuse or physical violence, we are prepared with resources for you.

The bottom line is experience, and how comfortable a provider is with the work he does. I am committed to this work.