The concept of Wellness applies to maintaining a healthy, well patient as a addition to their healthy lifestyle. This includes coaching to help you to be a more vital and physically fit being, with your body capable of meeting the demands you put upon it.  When you are active and alive and functioning, you feel a flow of Vitality. What you do, and what you put into your body contributes to Vitality, your vital source of life.

Life is an ongoing process. Vitality is a way of being, and Wellness is a fundamental goal.

Wellness is more than a concept. You were essentially “born with wellness”. Your body has a sense of wellness that it can achieve if we give it the building blocks (and help it along a little bit). But a body that has wellness – a person “with Wellness” – heals faster, gets sick less often, feels better, is stronger, with more energy – and ideally longevity.

A bit – there is probably even a “Wellness” Chewing Gum for sale at Trader Joe’s (just kidding). What we mean is that sometimes words get used so often in marketing that they begin to seem meaningless. However, Chiropractic has been shown to boost vitality and wellness. Patients agree. The whole concept of decreasing dysfunction  – so that we can increase function – is a sound concept.

Chiropractic works in a number of ways – both regionally (dealing with particular areas of your body, like the shoulder, for example) or systemically (boosting internal function, increasing circulation, energy flow, nerve functon, digestion, for example). Just the fact that working with a Chiropractic Doctor can help you sleep better is an obvious boost towards Wellness. And there is so much more.

Vitality is like a way to qualify the functions of your body. Vitality is a way to describe Wellness. Vitality gets you out of the bed in the morning with a spring in your step. With Vitality, nerve transmissions are faster cleaner, and well received; hormones released on time, circulation is available for exertion, you wake feeling like you are rested, excited, and ready to do your life.

We are already helping, as we talk about this. Our perspective and approach is an alternative approach to helpful than you typically have available in the mainstream. This concept is a new one to a lot of people. Chiropractic is not content to simply hand you a blood test every year and say “hey look, you aren’t dying – these levels are basically not so bad” – instead, we want to make some fine distinctions and optimize you. We want to take something that is “basically ok” and make it even better. That “betterness” is what helps you live longer and better – you don’t get that with “basically ok”.

When we are seeing someone for Vitality & Wellness, we are suggesting that we see them at least 3 or 4 times a year. Ideally, that is once a season… since when seasons change, there are different demands, challenges, activities, temperature environments, burdens. We will set up something that works for you. And remember, Vitality is maintained. As soon as you got it, life will try to take it away. We will help you maintain it with installments of supportive care and check-ups.