Vitality is a Statement of Mind and Body.

Vitality Plans
Vitality is a core concept for us at the clinic. What we strive for is a life filled with vitality.
Our vital functions are tuned up, we have energy, motivation, functionality. Our bodies function properly. We have sustainability, core stability, and motivation.
We prize the joy of movement, we can get up and go, and also have the ability to relax in a healthy way.

Core Stability is a foundation of Vitality. Core stabilization makes your physical movement sustainable. We always coach core stabilization in our exercise plans (sometime later, see Core Stabilization in our Frequently Asked Questions for more on this).

Summoning up Vitality and injecting it into a lifestyle often motivates people to become physically fit. You really can’t do the former without the latter. But you probably do know some physically fit people that are not actually vital – they just exercise a lot. In our plan, we want to have it all… and enjoy doing it. Let’s map out a plan for you that’s fulfilling and productive as well as enjoyable.

Cleansing & Meal Plans

Understanding your body’s metabolic needs and managing the fuel you put into your body is an important component. On the way to becoming physically fit, you may notice that your weight will change. But to truly balance the equation, let’s do some work on your intake. Let’s set up a VITALITY MEAL PLAN which includes an easy to do VITALITY CLEANSE that will change your life. If I could guarantee it – I would, because it is so beneficial – but the first step is up to you.

It’s not a diet. I suppose you could call it that and that “D” word may fly out of your mouth. However, if you insist on calling it that, it will probably fail, because diets very often do. It’s a meal plan, the success of which will change the way you do a lot of very important things. You may end up enjoying things in ways you have not before. And it will show, because Vitality is a Statement of Mind and Body.

Plans are available. please speak to the Front Desk for a link to our Vitality Services