As your chiropractic physician, I can work with complaints that arise during the course of your activities of daily living, and also issues that have been going on for some time (chronic problems).

Issues  I am often asked to help with are, for example:

– back pain while working in the garden;

– neck pains after working overhead;

Migraine Headaches that have repeated occasionally or regularly for years;

– Increasing stiffness upon waking in the morning or at the end of the day;

– Hand and Foot Numbness, or shooting pains.

– Any non-emergency biomechanical, muscular, neurological, or systemic issues can be discussed here.  My training provides complete diagnostic capabilities.



I consider all people to be athletes in their daily lives. Realistically, running for a bus, lifting a bag of dog food, mowing a lawn, or boosting a child into a car seat requires the same stretching and exertion as that of an Olympic athlete.  Olympians stretch themselves out daily and before they do any activity, and have coaches that support them. I want to get you flexible, stretched and vitally strong, and to be your coach while you perform your Daily Olympics.

Life is an ongoing process, and it’s ideal to have our bodies optimized to meet the challenges.