Performance Review

We at Blue Heron pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our care. Below you will find reviews that reflect our commitment to excellence

GS (Portland, Extreme Sports)

Dr. Sibilla is a true professional and super enthusiastic about his work. Not only will he work to correct your current source of pain, he’ll give you options to strengthen contributing weak areas within your body. In 26 years of seeing a chiropractor, he’s probably the most knowledgeable one yet.

JB (Beaverton, CEO)

Great place! I sprained my lower back and came here and was very impressed with the service. I’m feeling much better now and recommend Blue Heron Chiropractic for anyone with back issues needing immediate care or assurance.

BG (Portland/Vancouver)

I have received excellent care from Dr. Sibilla and his staff. Thank you and your entire staff are true professionals.

MB (Gresham, Construction)

Just left this office! Most doctors are late, these guys were on time, thorough, friendly, and professional!

GL (Financing, Portland)

Just got back from my appointment with Dr. Dana Sibilla at Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center.  His courteous staff, his convenient location, and the results I got from the excellent treatment are a winning combination!   I will definitely be back again.

JF (Portland, Insurance Admin)

Dr. Sibilla put me on the path to a quick recovery after I coughed so hard during a long, drawn-out cold that I actually injured my ribs. He understood my condition perfectly and gave me just the right intensity of treatment.

JV (Portland, Accounting)  

I have gone to Dr. Sibilla for a number of years for a variety of chiropractic issues.  I trust his expertise as well as his ability to communicate with me in a way that is disarming and helpful.  Like most people who is in pain, the natural response is to think of worst case scenarios, but Dr.Sibilla is awesome in that he diagnoses and treats the condition, all the while, including me in the process of understanding what is happening with my body and advising on practical solutions going forward.  And he has a great sense of humor to boot.  

ZV (Portland, Student)

I took my son in who had run head first into the wire of a chicken coop in the dark thus jarring his neck (the party was over after that).  He was in severe pain and clearly couldn’t move his neck/head.  We went to see Dr. Sibilla and what may otherwise have been a frightening or painful experience turned out to be immediately effective and positive.  So, if I can trust my health and that of son in the hands of Dr. Sibilla, what else is there to say?

MM (Portland)

15yrs ago I went to Blue Heron after a car accident. Dana was flexable and always available.  This winter I was in another accident and thought of Blue Heron. Dana’s practice has not changed – available and informative.

ZV (Student, Portland)

I have been here at least seven times for various issues, and they always seem to fix them or make them better. Everybody is very kind, and they really know what they are doing. They even give you a bottle of water after your treatment. I recommend this to anyone who has never been here, it has great care.

GG (Business, Portland)

Quality care with good people. They understood how to put me on a path to heal my injuries. No hassle personal attention and with great message therapist. I will keep going back when needed, This was a great find. They even had supplements for my healing.

DM (Small Guy in Big Computer Company, Beaverton)

Thank you doctor Sibilla. 5 Stars!

SP (Director, Battleground)

Dr. Dana is One of Portland’s Best Chiropractors! I have been going to Blue Heron for the last 6 years and could not be happier with the service and flexibility. Dr. Sibilla is very friendly and takes the time to explain what issues he is trying to correct. He is also very willing to work with non-chiropractic specialties (neuro surgeons, PCPs, neurologists, etc…) to help guide you through the healthcare maze and get you feeling back to normal. I would highly recommend Blue Heron and Dr. Sibilla for anyone looking for good chiropractic in the Portland area.

SavesMyBack (Retired, Portland)

I picked a winner! 5 Stars! What more do I have to say? Crippling back pain used to paralyze me two or three times a year. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Sibilla at Blue Heron on a regular maintenance schedule, my back has not gone out once. That’s been true for the past five years. I especially head to Blue Heron after a long plane trip. Thank you, Dr. Sibilla, for keeping me up and running.

JS (Vancouver)

5 – stars Thank you for the help by JS. I always leave feeling better and with more knowledge about my health.

DexKnows (SW Portland)

“I always leave my treatments feeling both physically and emotionally better.”

369 (Job Seeker, Portland)

5.0 Star review! I have never left Dr. Sibilla’s office without feeling better than when I came for treatment.. Dr. Sibilla has been my chiropractor for well over five years. Each visit is such that Dr.Sibilla always makes sure he is meeting my physical needs. He makes sure that I am relaxed in every way possible before he starts the treatments for the areas of my body that are causing discomfort.I always look forward to my appointments because I know that Dr. Sibilla is very carrying and will do all that he can to ease the discomforts I am experiencing at the time of my visit.I truly believe that Dr. Sibilla is truly professional in all ways and a very warm and caring Doctor.

KenC  (Portland)

* * * * * 5-star review.Excellent personal care and attention. Very convenient office hours.. I have been seeing Dr. Sibilla for almost four years now and have always received excellent personal care and attention. I had a history of serious periodic stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders and back that were never remedied by the HMO doctors I had gone to. After my initial visits to relieve intense pain caused by an old undiagnosed back injury, I have been scheduling monthly “tune-ups” at Blue Heron Chiropractic and have been pain free and mobile to a degree I never knew was possible.The warm and caring atmosphere is a double plus. Glad I discovered them.

MisterB  (Cash patient)

5 Star review. Great Care 😉 Great Chiropractor, nice guy, not boring! Like a “real doctor” but way cooler. Knows a lot, they do modern styles, nothing weird. Massage therapists inside my chiro appointments, great. They accept insurance (when I had it) and a cash discount (when I didn’t). Same day appointments – they always get me in. They are great. They help me everytime!  Pros: cool people, fast and friendly

VT (Facilities, North PDX)

“My entire family and I have been seeing Dr. S for treatment for over 7 years and am always impressed with his level of knowledge and his genuine concern for patient well-being. He has greatly improved the quality of my life by teaching me to better care for my body and by treating a variety of injuries, including a motor vehicle accident. His whole-body approach to treatment has also allowed me to better manage my arthritis. Dr. S. is always professional and compassionate. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Bill (Student, MVA insurance patient)

“Great Doctor. Really knows his stuff. Doesn’t seem to be “just out to make a buck”. Really cares about his patients.”

ST (Kaiser insurance patient)

“Great, personable, and very informative. He always suggests natural meds when possible for different ailments.”

BV (United Healthcare insurance patient)

“Dr. Sibilla is one of the best doctors I’ve seen. Definitely cares about his patients and their overall health. His staff is AWESOME too. ”

Surprised (Analyst, NE Portland)

5 Star review. Excellent Service! I usually have a lot of needing to go to the chiropractor because i have so many things wrong with me. I usually like trying out new places and things. So this was my first time visiting this place. I was having random occasions of pain in my lower thigh and i didn’t know what to do. I tried all of that icy hot stuff and even tried to put my leg into a splint for some time. None of those things worked. So i came here they gave me my treatment. The next day i was expecting another random pain jolt and it never occured. I was waiting for it for about a week before i was convinced that it would never come back. These people are excellent.