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How can I use a Standing Desk?

This standing desk helps improve her workstation dynamics - but I would prefer she leans in a bit more. Lower the desk 1 inch so the upper arms can hang straight down.

Have you tried a Standing Desk? They are beneficial for fitness, injury recovery, chronic pain and even productivity. You might want to experience how alternating standing and sitting can assist you in using your workstation. I am not talking about standing up at a desk once for 2 minutes and calling that a trial – I am talking about cycling up and down every thirty-minutes to an hour or so over a couple of days where you experience the dynamics. As I typed, I just raised mine up – it’s great. How can a Standing Desk help me? 

Why have a Standing Desk?

If you read the reviews, which are legion, you will probably see that not everyone agrees that they like them. The reality is that the standing desk adds a dynamic to your workstation. It’s different, maybe exciting, maybe even… fun. It allows you to get your weight off your butt (and by association, the base of your spine). Maybe it even adds a little dynamic exercise.   As I type, I practiced doing some calf raises as I watched a desk demo video. The bottom line is it feels better than wearing a hole in your bottom and the floor. If you make it to the final paragraph of this blog, we will discuss some technical details.

What are the finer points for using a Standing Desk?

You have probably heard me drone on and on at the clinic about getting a timer to go off and remind you to change positions,. Come on now, doesn’t that sound like fun? But really, this stirs your day, literally keeps you moving, and keeps you on your feet. Or gets you to your feet. So, are there finer points? Feel free to contribute some, but the one that I like the best is Figuring out a way to mark height so that you do not rise above a 90-degree elbow position, and so that you are leaning in slightly to the desk to keep your abdominals from relaxing and loading your low back. As you stand there now, put your elbows at 90° and hold your hands out in front of you – Palms down. Now lower those Palms about an inch and a half, and you will feel the abdominals engage. This, if nothing else, is the benefit of a standing desk… The ability to engage your abdominals.  that’s worth more than the hundreds of dollars you spent on that 24-Hour Fitness class that you don’t go to enough. You can do this every day, every 30 minutes. (Ha! See, that timer again!). Not everybody knows this though – here is a more generic set of directions for a standing desk that suggests 90 degrees at the elbows but does not mention the abdominals.

I prefer our Blue Heron Chiropractic prescription to engage the core. LIkewise, look for a moment at the picture at the top of this blog. Don’t you think that she is arching her back slightly? I want her to engage her abdominals rather than load her back. I chose this picture specifically because I would prefer that she lean in. 

Can I get one at work?

There are many converter platforms now that add right on top of your table top, and then rise using gas springs. Sometimes it’s tricky to talk an employer or office money person into a standing desk because that might require an entire redesign of the office – this one doesn’t, and there are other models.

 The reality is that these are now so ubiquitous that they are available on below $200, and you can carry it in yourself. Assembly in minutes.. I definitely think that this is a worthy $200 expense. I actually have two of these that cost about $140 each, delivery included with Amazon Prime, and they are the best. Sometimes the trick is monitor screens, because if you have more than one – or a very huge one, sometimes the mechanics are difficult or a special track is needed, the same or expensive desk, but these are still affordable.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

An easy way to test the standing desk concept is to get a plastic milk box for storage carton, available for about $10 at Fred Meyer –  or maybe you even have one –  and put the work you are working on on top of it. I had one of those for my laptop at one of my work stations. I could just walk up to it and start working without having to sit down and get settled… walk away, and then come back.  I then got the converter above. It works for me. (Standing again as I write this… engage those abs!).

What muscles are involved?

Obviously your sit/stand muscles of your hips, legs, your gluteals, and your low back are going to be immediately engaged. But it’s a full body kind of experience when you’re moving about – there’s a big difference between having muscles engaged and having everything totally asleep. You will have a much better experience with your low back and your glutes, including the tension in your abdominals and your buttocks if you take this step.  We can work through the ideas at your next appointment. Schedule here.

How is Blue Heron handling the COVID-19 Pandemic at this time?

Doctor Sibilla and all staff you will encounter are fully vaccinated with updated boosters. Dr.  Dana’s on his fifth shot to date, updating after 90 days for optimum immunity. We are still currently masking inside the clinic, as is required for all healthcare facilities. If you don’t have an appropriate mask, we will provide you with one. Access Chiropractic safely and securely at Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center, with Dr. Dana Sibilla, DC DABCO FIANM.

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