November 21, 2018

Using Melatonin For Sleep

Melatonin for Sleep Melatonin has been a popular supplement for sleep. Have you tried it?  Do you know anyone who takes Melatonin regularly? A recent study […]
March 29, 2014

Marijuana Dependent?

At the risk of being rapidly less popular, I am going to blog about Marijuana. I hope you acknowledge my bravery.  This is a “hot topics” […]
January 29, 2013

Don’t go to sleep…

Don’t go to sleep on the subject of sleep aids.  A number of my patients have posed questions about sleep aids, due to disturbed sleep from […]
September 8, 2012

Males: Frequent Bathroom Visits? Losing sleep?

Okay, you are a 40+ male,  Maybe even 50 or better. Younger or older, losing sleep. Your sleep is getting interrupted because you keep having to […]
November 30, 2010

Burning “Clean” Fat – Day 2.5

At the risk of TMI, I will now share about weight loss, the first in a series.  I work out 3 days a week, lightly.  With […]
July 8, 2010

Virtual Supplement Dispensary

I am excited to say that I have finally hooked up my “Virtual Dispensary” on my website, and can offer you a 10% discount on supplements […]
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