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Males: Frequent Bathroom Visits? Losing sleep?

Okay, you are a 40+ male,  Maybe even 50 or better. Younger or older, losing sleep. Your sleep is getting interrupted because you keep having to get up to pee.

You don’t know what this is about.  Maybe you’ve heard about prostate issues. Maybe you think you have a urinary tract infection.  Maybe you are worried about Prostate Cancer. However, many adult males suffer from benin enlargement of the prostate, where the tube of the urethra ( from the urinary bladder) passes through it on the way out of the body.

I don’t want to downplay prostate cancer, and it is true that decreasing urinary flow could signify a problem with the prostate, even be an early sign of a cancer. However, what I propose is this: a trial of Saw Palmetto Root may solve your problem and if it does, you can sleep at night. Literally.

Saw Palmetto Root has helped so many of my patients improve their sleep, by decreasing nighttime urination and improving urinary flow, that this simply has to be mentioned.

Of course, if this does not work, and if the problem increases, then we will refer you to continue with your primary care doctor, and have other prostate issues evaluated.

As a remedy, this is not expensive. I think that the Saw Palmetto Root we suggest, from ,  is under $30, for a supply that could last 30 to 60 days. Totally worth a good night’s sleep.

Here, I have looked it up for you.

Saw Palmetto Pure Encapsulations, 120 caps is $29.70 from Emerson Ecologics. That is enough for 60 days at the maximum starter dosage, and then 90 days for future/maintainance use.  The value of a good night’s sleep? “PRICELESS!”

Please consider talking to me about this. If you are a patient, you can get a 10% discount by using the link on this website.  Otherwise, simply go to Emerson ecologic’s dot com and order some of this. Let’s talk about it at your next treatment visit.  Se Habla Espanol.

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