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September 8, 2012
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Pelvic Tilts … Rock your Pelvis in NE Portland.

Pelvic Tilts are an interesting and important exercise that EVERYONE should do.  Very few people do them. And actually, you can do them anywhere.

Most people’s pelvises (hips) are rocked forwards, in other words the spine is already in extension (or even hyperextension), because their stomach muscles are not as strong as they could be, and their low back curve is too deep. This is called an “anterior” pelvic rock. If we can get the pelvis to rock backward, in other words the “hipbones” rocking back and the pubic bone rocking forward, then we can get value.

The low back curve will decrease, the pressure on the disks will decrease, and the pressure on the facet joints in the back, which may even have some arthritis, will decrease.  You will have a more solid, balanced posture, sort of like a martial artist.

The way to test how well you do this is to put your hands on your hips right now with your thumbs facing forward. When you rock your pelvis “back”,  your Thumbs will move backwards towards your back pockets.  Remember, tipping your pelvis so that your thumbs move forward is probably not what you need.

If this is not easy for you, it could be because your body has “forgotten” how to do this.  So here’s another way to help yourself remember:  Place one flat hand over your crotch/groin area, and one hand flat on your “tailbone”/ spine in the back.  I used to call this the “Michael Jackson” move, until all sorts of things happened there and we can’t really say that anymore.

But anyway, now with your hand flat on the front and the back, flat hand,  I want you to pull upwards on the flat front hand and pushed down on the flat back hand. You will see that the pelvis will rock, “Back”.  That’s all there is too it. Don’t do it fast and jerky; do it slow and smooth and sustained. Hold it for at least 5-10 seconds. Try to remember these muscles that you feel moving, and that is your exercise do five of these.
Don’t do the hand-assisted one in public; just a suggestion.

Next, as a progression,  if you put yourself up against the wall, with your buttocks and upper back flat against the wall, you may notice some space in between your low back in the wall.  If you do this exercise  you will feel low back flatten against the wall, this is how you know when you’re getting success.

People have asked me whether they can do this while lying on the floor. This is all very well and good, if you spend most of your life lying on the floor. Many of my patients do a lot of time standing up and moving around, and so I like this standup pelvic rock / tilt.

This will work for you even if you are in a motor vehicle accident, or even occasionally with whiplash, migraines, Pinched nerves, headaches, neck pain, arthritis. Portland Oregon chiropractors should be telling you about this.

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