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Tape me in NE Portland after a Car Accident? (Kinesiotape)

putting kinesio tape on patients upper back and nexk in the clinic

Kinesiotape is a specialized type of  physical therapy tape that helps pump the lymphatic system, encouraging healing, and provide selective support for healing.  It was invented by a Chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase.  I often use this with tricky cases, and motor vehicle accidents (whiplash, pinched nerves, muscle spasm, migraine headaches, sciatica, neck pain and low back pain) often fall into that category. It works really well with chiropractic care, and is a nice addition to a chiropractor’s treatment plan.

As a chiropractor in NE Portland OR, I have applied Kinesiotape since it was invented like 15 years ago – but it got really popular at the Olympics, especially in the Beach Volleyball event!  This year, you saw even the divers and gymnasts wearing it.

There is even some press trying to poo-poo it, and the question is, why? Much of this is aggressive counter-marketing is by people that want to sell something else.  All you need to know is that major sports teams and college trainers are relying on it for rehab of injuries. What Kinesiotape does, very simply, is provide an elastic pumping action in a single direction and some support in the others. It’s easy to wear, and fashionable enough to not be embarrassing. In fact, it’s cool.

What it does not do is provide 100% support; it’s not designed for that.  It’s not good for injuries that have to “Stay put” – it’s good for “recovering injuries in motion”. I think a lot of people use it the wrong way, because it has such pretty colors.  As a doctor, I can tell you that applying it properly requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and the function of the structures under the tape.  It’s the movement of the body part, stretching the elastic tape, that makes it work.

After a Motor Vehicle Accident (car wreck, bicycle accident, and the like) I will often apply Kinesiotape when the patient is in the recovery phase.  Let’s talk about it at your next appointment.

Oh yes – I unfortunately do not sell rolls of Kinesiotape out of my clinic; that’s just not my function.  I do, however, have body-part specific tape kits that we can sell at the front desk as a convenience to you. However, I do recommend you have a professional apply the tape!  Call us and tell us what you need! (503) 280-9759. And, as always, Hablamos Espanol.

Body Part Specific Taping Kits

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