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June 22, 2010
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Virtual Supplement Dispensary

I am excited to say that I have finally hooked up my “Virtual Dispensary” on my website, and can offer you a 10% discount on supplements that I recommend, as well as many others you can search up. If you can see the “Virtual Dispensary” switch on your screen, click on it and enter the ACCESS CODE that I have given you at your last visit. If you don’t have one yet, come on in and get one! You can get that after a regular appointment. I can’t offer discounts to the general public, based on my agreement with the distributor. But you will find an ordering page showing the items you usually hear about in the clinic, even the ones I use during treatments, and then you can also search up other products. The site does not try to sell you, and you have to click on items to find out what they do, but I think it will be very helpful. Their prices are less expensive than buying direct! And, you can choose from similar products.  If you are already buying something that I recommended at the Health Food Store, it may be available here. If you can’t see the HTML tag on your screen for dispensary,  click here for more instructions.

It turns out I can’t give out the secret to getting the discount to everyone. Please call the clinic at (503) 280-9759 for more information. If you are a current patient and we have spoken about a supplement, or if you have purchased something from the clinic previously, you will qualify for the discount!

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