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January 13, 2017
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February 9, 2017
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Snow Tires for your Feet?

YakTrax Walkers slide onto your shoes and let you go ANYWHERE.

Snow Traction For Your Feet

In the winter months an icy slip and slide can be as painful to your neck and back as a fall. One takeaway from this slippery stuff is the value of snow tires. My friends down the street at Les Schwab Tire on Broadway (ask for JR and tell him I sent you) set me up  with a set of “Studless Snows.” Long story short, the car and the minivan went like snowmobiles through last week’s 15 inches, and even through this week’s ice.  But how about snow tires for the feet? These awesome shoe traction devices slip on to feet easier than a pair of socks. And then you can cross anything, even climb Mt. Hood in your work shoes. Seriously, anywhere your feet can take you.

Yak Trax

There are several models. The “Yak Trax” pictured are spike less and cost about $23.The spike free feature allows me to walk freely indoors and on carpet. The spike variety are outside only. My dedicated runner-patients are using these to keep on running down the road!   If you maniacs have special bike tires let me know, I will feature them next.

Here is another option I have not tested, but Amazon says is a best-seller. And remember, if you slip and “feel it”, bring it in and let me clean you up, decompress, and re-optimize you. We will apply hot packs, massage, myofascial release, and adjust you, then finish up with a nice muscle spray. Let’s do it.

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