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December 25, 2016
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Do you have “Text Neck”? Find out…

"Text Neck" from constantly reading a handheld puts your neck in a bad position.

What is Text Neck?

OK, so maybe not all neck pain is from car accidents. So how can a Smart Phone give you “Text Neck”? We all know what happens when your computer monitor is an inch too low, right? So why is it ok to spend at least an hour a day staring almost straight down into a phone?  We are seeing a lot more cases of neck pain, with fibrotic muscles and advanced degenerative symptoms lately, and they have something in common – Smartphones.  Are you or someone you know one of those folks that look at your smart phone a bit often?  According to a recent study, 79% of Americans between 18 and 44 spend only 2 hours a day without their Smart Phone on hand. So the big question is, how much texting and Social-Media-phone-reading are you doing?

We are seeing more and more people doing a lot of their email reading on a relatively small smartphone screen.

Do you have “Text Neck”? Find out…

Is your neck bugging you? Stiffness and muscle soreness, headaches after reading your phone, maybe even in bed? You have “Text Neck”. Here is the way to unwind this… first, let’s diagnose it with a directed exam. Maybe a little therapeutic Ultrasound. Then, let’s adjust the restrictions in the clinic and work out the muscle fibrosis with some Myofascial Release, such as Rapid Release Therapy or Graston. You can feel this getting better already, right? Then, I help you redifine your texting position… no, I am not going to tell you to text less – that’s your business. But we can do it better.   Set up an appointment to talk about this.

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