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Discount Medical Plan Options (DMPO’s) can offer a 30-50% discount on fees.

Her neck crunches and grinds when she's working.

If you pay “Cash”, don’t have insurance or your insurance is not paying for all of the health services you want it to – or not paying enough – there is an option to bridge the dollar gap. Now, I am not talking about decreasing a fixed co-pay – we are talking here about services that are not covered, like extra massage or myofascial release. We joined a “DMPO” to provide Discount Medical Plan Options (DMPO’s) which allows you to access a fee schedule that equals a 50% discount on services provided on a first (intake) visit, and 30% off subsequent visits. After you have paid the equivalent of a $49 membership fee to ChiroHealthUSA (CHUSA), you and your immediate family members can access this discount fee schedule. The membership is then good for one year.

The DMPO is a “Payment at Time of Service” option and it cannot be applied retroactively –  so it’s a discussion that we should have as soon as possible. It won’t work with certain insurances, like Medicare (because we are “Par” and can’t access that now). The DMPO does not typically work well in medical-legal cases, and can’t be applied for worker’s compensation. It can be used to supplement policies like Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and others that limit services for things like Massage or Myofascial Release like Graston Technique.


Policies that limit specialty add-on services like Kinesiotape or Graston Technique, for example, can be supplemented with the DMPO. How it works for this example is as follows: Instead of paying $35 additional each time for Graston as an add-on service, you first commit to pay $49 to the DMPO, and then get our Graston service for 50% off the first time (a savings of $17.50). The next visit’s Graston would then be $24.50, (a savings of $10.50), and so by the second visit, you have already made up $28 of the $49.  It pays for itself by Visit 4. Again, for this example, if this person got treatment with Graston technique once a month for a year, they would then save $133, just on this modality alone.

Other services not covered by your insurance could also fall under this – perhaps additional sessions of massage or electrical-stim, or even Physical Therapy. All dependents in your household get the same Discount Medical Plan Option (DMPO) discount, and this discount can be used at other clinics in other states. Over a year,  it’s easy to see how this would pay for itself. If the $49 is a hardship  for you, our staff will talk to you and we will figure out how to do it.

Remember, the DMPO can’t be used to avoid a co-pay or a deductible and can’t be used for hard goods like pillows or supplements. But it can save you a real costs on chiropractic care.

Ideally, let us know prior to your appointment that you want to discuss this. Call us or tell us when you come in. Let’s call it codeword “Discount Option”.

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