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February 9, 2017
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Working with Car Accident Insurance

The occupants of both of these cars can get injured, regardless of fault.

When you are injured in a car accident, it is important to get examined and treated as soon as possible – whether you have car accident insurance or not. In some cases, you have already gone to an Emergency Room, and had X-rays. All of this is scary, because where are these bills going?  Will they be paid? There are several types of automobile insurance that cover injuries in car accidents, either as a driver or a passenger, and Motor Vehicle Accidents injuries in Oregon are covered for at least $15,000 in actual costs.  We can help you decipher your coverage, tell you what is covered and what usually is not, and help manage your limits.

Who do you talk to, what do you say, how do you describe this? As a car accident chiropractor / clinic, our staff has experience in this arena and can help you stay calm.

You will get a claim number relative to the insurance company of your car, regardless whose “fault” it is for the accident. In Oregon, a “no-fault” state, that is how this works. This does not mean your car “has to pay” for the accident, or that your policy will be charged. Even if there is no obvious insurance, we can help you determine if there is coverage.  Again, our staff will assist you with this information.

Since it is a “medical-legal” situation, some people who have a car accident will want to speak with a personal injury attorney. There are times that having an advocate will help you protect your benefits, and decrease the legal burden on you. We can provide you with a choice of referrals to good attorneys who are patient-centered and give good legal advice. Our focus, however, is on getting you better.

If you or the other driver did not have Car Accident Insurance, you should still get care; we can help you determine if there is coverage. Injuries have long standing and sometimes permanent effects on lifestyles. Don’t let these injuries linger. Make an appointment today.

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