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January 4, 2011
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February 12, 2011
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Keep Your Head Up!

Keep your head up, AND not at the expense of your low back. Walking, Elliptical, treadmill, living, WHATEVER…. if you try this right now… “keep your head up…” there is a good chance you will arch your back rather than actually straighten your neck.  Try this. FLATTEN your low back for a moment, by tightening your abdominal/stomach muscles (they are in there somewhere…) . then, while holding that tummy, straighten your head.  Now relax your abdomen, but don’t slump. This is a better posture and provides LIFT. It’s better for shock absorption, better for activities, shopping, cross training, extreme sports, even TV watching.

And keep your head up. You will even feel more vitality, maybe even breathe better. At your next treatment session, we can go over this! Try it until then.

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