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December 25, 2010
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January 13, 2011
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Ellipticals & PT-Ball “Ski Pole” Core training

Many of you use elliptical trainers at the gym, and some of you have PT balls at home. This post is one helpful hint for each. First, many of the elliptical trainers have “ski poles” on either side that oscillate counter to the leg movements. They also have “horns”, or handles that you can avoid holding the ski poles and hang on to, right in front of you.  A lot of people do this, and just let the “poles” waggle in the air.  I want to suggest that you use that pole-type movement. My research suggests that reaching to move the “ski poles” with your arms create a gentle rotary twist in your spine and core muscles, especially if you hold them up high on the poles. This is best if you are standing upright, so resist the tendency to “lean over” on the machine. This adds a core component to the elliptical, which is very desirable, and will burn more calories.   Second, that PT ball you have in your closet/basement/deflated in a box (insert one)? Grab an old pair of sneakers and a set of ski poles.  Sit on the properly inflated ball with the old sneakers on the floor just outside of your feet. Put the ski poles into the sneakers (to protect your floor!)  Now, while sitting on the ball, alternately crank your knees back-to-front while on your tip toes. Move the poles alternating along with the matching knee (back/front).  The gentle bounce created is a “core ski trainer” and gets you in a bouncy mindset, and builds abdominals!   Ask me to demo this in the clinic at your next appointment!

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