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November 30, 2010
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January 4, 2011
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Burning Clean Fat (Part Deux)

In case anybody is reading this, I just wanted to mention that today marked the 29th day of my Eating/Cleansing Plan, and I have beat my goal of losing 15 pounds, chalking up 16 pounds down as of this morning. It’s all about burning clean fat. I learned a lot about myself during these 30 days, all of it useful. I am back down a pants size, a belt loop, and feel great.   What a way to end a “lean year”!

This was a nice accomplishment, but it is only one step along the way. What has to happen now is that I integrate what I have learned. I actually found that I really COULD eat less, and be satisfied without indulging cravings.

Now that I have lost the weight,  I must double my exercise amount, at least every other day, or take every day up to 45 minutes. I must continue to resist binge eating and high-calorie drinking. Holiday meals that count as two meals need to take the place of the next meal for me, which is not so hard since I have learned to skip a meal, espescially with apples and almonds available.

I think I will continue to do a version of the cleanse one day per week, and maybe even one day as a shake-meal-shake. It feels good enough to me to make this sacrifice.

You can do this too, and I can coach you through this in the clinic.  I would suggest a package of six treatments, over 60 days. We will chart you, track you, coach you, tweak you, and adjust you during this program. You can fall off of it and get put back on it once or twice within this period. Think about it.  I will explain to you how and where to get your own shakes, and give you some options, and we can share an almond snack together (2 at a time…)

Dr. Dana DC, feeling like a WINNER at the end of 2010.

UP NEXT: What High Fructose Corn Syrup really is all about.

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