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A Scale In The Kitchen?

A scale in the kitchen will help with portion control and work for your Vitality Program.

Hey, I lost 25 pounds on my happy, healthy VITALITY program. I had fun doing it. The first 20 came off in about 90 days, safely, and kind of fun. I learned a lot about myself during that process… and it’s working for me. Here’s an idea: a scale in your kitchen.

Have you got a food scale prominently displayed and accessible in your kitchen?  You really need one for portion control, cooking, and VITALITY MANAGEMENT. Get a mechanical (not complicated or battery operated, etc) scale that weighs up to at least 10 pounds, in ounces or smaller. That way you can see what it is you are cooking, packing, and portioning.

SO, when you toss that leftover into a lunchbox, confirm that it DOES NOT WEIGH, for example, 1.2 pounds of Mac & Cheese. You probably don’t need that! My success with losing my 24 pounds of  “extra” was cutting all my portions down from 1 pound to BELOW 3/4 of a pound. This will help  with everything – fish filets, salads, even figuring out what that cup of coffee adds to your weight on the bathroom scale…when you get there.

And some Kitchen Scales look really cool. We have an old fashioned one with copper and such. IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.  Vitality will work for you. People with vitality have more energy, less chronic pain, spring in their step, joy in their lives. Talk to me about it in the clinic. Request an appointment here.

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