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Car accident? What to do!

The occupants of both of these cars can get injured, regardless of fault.

Accident Care

We get a lot of requests for guidance and care following a car accident or motor vehicle crash. You have had an accident and you don’t know what to do. Similarly, you know what to do, but you are besieged by phone calls. The other driver’s insurance adjuster wants to pay you off before you get treated. The body shop wants to total your car, but you have a payment due next week. Your loaner car rental allowance is expiring.  And your neck hurts!

It seems like taking care of yourself is the last thing you can imagine. What do you do? Call us. Chiropractic is physical, functional medicine – and at Blue Heron Clinic, we specialize in physical injury care and rehabilitation. After an accident involving whiplash – or when the car stops abruptly or is thrown to the front, back or side – people often feel neck pain, low back pain, headaches, shooting pains and numbness, or persistent stiffness.  Sometimes these symptoms don’t even show up on the first or second day. Your health can get lost in the cloud of details.

Injury Documentation

Whether you are making an insurance claim or not, your injury needs to be documented. If you have a car accident injury that involves the head or the neck, especially one involving headaches, dizziness or blurred vision, or even bruising – it’s essential to go to the ER and be cleared. Take the advice of emergency personnel or Police at the scene. If you come right in to Blue Heron Chiropractic first, and if we think you need documentation, we may send you there.

Expect that your symptoms will change over the next couple of days. It may be true that the problems will begin to get better; it may also be equally true that they could worsen. This worsening will also probably stop, but this is also definitely a time that you should begin some rehabilitative care to identify any impairments or potentially permanent or residual problems.

We often encounter people with what they feel is a “pinched nerve”, that they have been trying to overlook for months. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time you are out of work, help you understand how long it might take to recover, and give you the treatment to help that happen faster. We will help you decipher the information coming at you, and the symptoms you are feeling – Blue Heron Chiropractic has been working in the Personal Injury Arena for over 20 years. What to do? Call us.  Schedule a session today.

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