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January 2, 2018
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Rib out! Doctors Need Chiropractic Too!

Ouch. Can you find the Fracture in this View? Don't worry, this wasn't me.

About a week and a half ago, I was moving something around and I felt a sharp pain in my back, behind the left shoulder blade. There was pain every time I took a breath. This was drastic “make me cry out” pain; I could not turn my head from side to side, or look over my shoulder. Yes, it felt like a “pinched nerve” (even though it wasn’t). That’s right, I had a “rib out”. I tried to get it to release by myself, and believe me – if this could be done, I would be the one to be able to do it – but no.
I nursed it and took some pain medication.

A few days later, I got my contacts out, called a friend who was a chiropractor, and he adjusted me. The next day I was 50% better. He came over a few days later and did it again; a step-by step process of rehabilitating an injury with physical medicine. Finally it was good. Thank goodness.

Two days later, I am in the shower, both hands in my hair with the shampoo and all. It’s a cold morning in the bathroom, but it’s a nice hot shower. I can feel the cold air dance across my back as the hot water begins to run down as I get the shampoo going. This, by the way, is the perfect way to get a muscle spasm…and I did. ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE. I felt the rib ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE of my back pull right out of position. Yes, and this time was worse than the other one. So now I am yelping again, can’t take the deep breath, feels like an ice pick or a vampire stake in my back…on the opposite side. Rats!

So what does this mean? It’s that I needed to increase my core stability. As a doctor, perhaps I don’t get enough tune-ups. Perhaps I’ve just been waiting until the most acute events to get adjusted – going to have to change that. Once I get this episode recovered (I am calling my colleague today) I will need to increase my overall core stability with specialized exercises… and watch out for those drafty showers!

If you want to learn more about the “Rib Out” injury and suspect you have one now or have felt this from time to time, let’s go over it with some great models in the clinic. Set up a session today.

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