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Lifespan versus Healthspan

This woman is a mover with Vitality... how is her Healthspan?

The Concept of Healthspan

Vitality is the component of life that makes it live-able.  Vitality is the life “voltage” that makes the lights brighter, the wheels turn more quickly, essentially, what gets you out of bed in the morning.  In the spirit of this charged living I want to introduce a cool concept I came across, “Healthspan”.

Healthspan is a measure of how well – not necessarily how long –  you live. While lifespan is measured in units of time, Healthspan is measured in units of quality. Furthermore, I think it’s safe to say we don’t really want one without the other. High levels of time and quality is the human objective.

Three Elements of Healthspan

Lifespan is about keeping the process going, and essentially delaying the inevitable . Healthspan by contrast  is about preserving three elements of life as long as possible:

  1. Brain—namely, how long can you preserve cognition (i.e., executive function, processing speed, short-term memory)
  2. Body—specifically, how long can you maintain muscle mass, functional movement and strength, flexibility, and freedom from pain
  3. “Spirit”—how robust is your social support network and your sense of purpose

(Source: Mucho Thanks to Dr. Peter Attia)

Chiropractic is not magic but it is proven to enrich both Healthspan and lifespan.  At Blue Heron Chiropractic we build treatment plans that address both. Whether adjusting your lower back following a sciatic nerve compression, or mobilizing your neck against migraine headaches or Fibromyalgia, the extension of life and the enrichment of that life are at the forefront of our care goals. As practitioners we want to optimize function and sustainability. Many thanks to Dr. Peter Attia who contributed the original idea and the language of Healthspan to our team. While technically minded his formulas are fascinating and can be found over here. 

If you have any questions about our services or to book an appointment with a specialist click here.

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