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April 4, 2010
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May 4, 2010
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Yardwork and Gardening Time Again…

Now that the rains in the Pacific Northwest are clearing, many of you are returning (or have returned) to your yards and gardens to roto-till, prune, drag, chop, dig, lift, heft and haul. It’s no mystery that a solid percentage of the back injuries in the United States revolve around “farming” injuries… essentially the category we are talking about. Yes, your task may qualify.
Remember to protect your back. Don’t push your lifting limits, and always use proper lifting posture. I can help retrain you for this here at the clinic. Don’t attempt to do something yourself that really should be handled by two persons, just because “I managed to do it alone last year…”. When working low, get low. Wear knee pads to get close to the ground and don’t hesitate to walk on your knees from plant to plant rather than stand and squat again and again. Get your mower tuned before pulling your back out trying to start it.
More of my people are injured loading their blocks from Home Depot than actually building the wall. More people are injured getting ready for or cleaning up after some of these projects.
Come see me before of afterwards, but do come see me.

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