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May 1, 2010
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Super Hydration to beat Fatigue

Our American “pop” culture minimizes the value of water (sorry for the pun, but it was too good to pass up). Anyway,the value of water is somewhat “incidental” in our culture, for various reasons. People drink a couple of sips of water and think they are “hydrated”, or they think that because coffee has water in it, they are getting “plenty of water”. Not so. Water with “stuff” in it is not the same as just plain “Aqua Pura”.

People also tend to think that the primary symptom of dehydration is “thirst”. Not so; that’s more of a “late” symptom of dehydration – the earliest symptom is, you guessed it…fatigue. Tiredness. Weariness. At the end of the day, are you most hydrated? More likely, you are your most dehydrated.

Unless you wish to read more, try this – aim to try to drink 50% of number of pounds of your body weight, in ounces of spring water. So if I weigh 185 pounds (I wish) then I would be drinking 7 of those 13 oz bottles of spring water that I give out after your appointment, PER DAY. Not mixed in drinks, etc, I am talking pure water. This allows your body to truly flush out “toxins”, and in this case, we are calling fatigue chemicals and excess acids  “toxins”.  I personally have to set out to do this to make it happen.

For more info on this, and snazzy little video, try this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dezkVFUDSBo

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