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What is a dynamic MyoVision Muscle Scan?

The Myovision Muscle scan is a Surface Electromyograph (S-EMG), which measures the electrical potential (essentially, the firing and relaxation signal, measured in microvolts) in a muscle. A muscle in spasm, for example, might have a high evoked potential; a muscle that is relaxed, a low potential. We will use a muscle scan like this to provide objective proof of injury, or perhaps to track recovery. So we will do these scans both for new patients and also in serious injury cases, like Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers Compensation.

Myovision, by Precision Biometrics, is a decent piece of clinical testing equipment. There are two types of scans, a “Static” (non-bending) surface scan, and a “Dynamic” surface scan, the latter of which is paired with Range of Motion (bending, twisting) to show the actual timing and sequence of muscle firing and relaxation. If this sounds sophisticated, that’s because it actually is. The cool thing is that both tests are painless, and while one takes a little longer than the other, both are fast, and relatively inexpensive for the value they provide (actually, I don’t typically charge for the first scan of the simpler test, and do it with most of my patients on their first visit – for Patient Education purposes).

The results are clearly charted, easy-to-interpret muscle comparisons. I find that providing a patient with visual confirmation of what may be going on for them, is very useful for triggering the mind body connection, and basically helps the healing process. Call and schedule a Myovision scan today, along with a Chiropractic Adjustment.

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