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March 10, 2015
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Engaged Jumping Jacks

Here’s a core exercise for those ready for a Fitness and Vitality track. For those of you recovering from an injury, let’s schedule you a date for this one. Jumping Jacks are a traditional fitness exercise that have been downplayed. The truth is, the Jumping Jack, or in some circles the “Half Jack”, is a very viable low-to-medium impact full-body fitness exercise that does not require a monthly payment.  You may be afraid that the Jumping Jack is not for you because you can’t imagine your feet leaving the ground. The reality is, even simulating this exercise can give you a full body workout.

The Jumping Jack may not be for those with acute back pain; consider talking to me about it first. We are going to move you to it gently, and perhaps even make it a future goal for you. Imagine being able to spring gently off the ground and land with an elastic bounce on the balls of your feet. Let’s make this a “Half-Jack”, where your arms only go up halfway and do not rise above your shoulders; that way, we don’t aggravate any Rotator Cuff injuries out there. We will move into it slowly. Another option is the “Split Jack” which is another way to add a some spring to your core.

Last, let’s try engaging our Core and firing the stomach muscles as we spring into the exercise. Don’t lean your head back – keep it neutral to slightly “chin forwards”.  A goal would be to do a rewarding set of these perhaps even every day – I do at least 50. Even if you have had a car accident, or a work injury, a set of these could be a goal for you. I want you to be able to soar. Let’s explore a set in-clinic at an appointment this week. 

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