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December 6, 2016
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Is this Hip Pain?

Did this workout "hurt so good" - or just hurt?

True Hip Pain

Hip pain can come from a number of sources. Often, what people describe as hip pain is actually pelvic pain. Pelvic pain can stem from the sacro-iliac joint (“SI Joint”) or even the low back.  True hip pain”is typicallyoff to the side of your leg, and people will often indicate it by pointing with a finger or two, and describe it as deep, aching pain.  Pain anywhere near your back pocket may be low back pain; same for pain in the crease inside the front top of your leg. True hip pain is often the result of problems at the hip joint, and can signify loss of joint space. For a dancer or an athlete, true hip pain can be the result of a tear of the joint capsule.


An interesting variant that we have seen is something called Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, or GTPS. Previously known as hip bursitis, we now know a lot more about this syndrome and the many causes and variations in its presentation.  Interestingly enough,  prior cases of “bursitis” may not have ever involved bursa inflammation. GTPS presents more superficially or closer to the surface of the true hip joint, but isn’t in the actual joint. It can project down the leg, like under the front pocket liner inside your pants, and even down towards the knee or below the buttock. There are a number of ways to successfully treat Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome – call us and let’s talk about it at an appointment today.

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