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December 8, 2016
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December 14, 2016
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Snow and Ice

Winter roads and sidewalks are perilous when covered with snow and slush.

Winter Is Here!

The first major winter storm of 2017 has arrived. The weather predictably has brought us an onslaught of snow and ice. Consequently this winter weather also brings with it a fair amount of injuries! From car accidents and slips and falls to shoveling aches and pains, the winter is prime time for weather related hazards! It’s worth noting that this Portland tends to be unprepared and slow to respond to perilous weather. Even more reason to take precaution and action! According to the Orgeonian that could be changing soon “Portland is beefing up its storm arsenal in an effort to avoid a repeat of last winter, when snow and ice throttled the city for days at a time.The new plan includes widespread use of road salt.”

If you are involved in a snow related car accident your automobile insurance is still viable. Make sure you get the details of all vehicles involved and exchange info properly. If you are the only car involved, you can still be treated. Bring in your auto insurance card as well as any other insurance cards available. We will direct it accordingly. If you have hurt yourself shoveling ice and snow, or have fallen on the sidewalk, come in for an evaluation and treatment plan.

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