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March 18, 2017
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Sick a WEED HOUND on your lawn?

The Weed Hound is a tool to effectively remove broadleaves and save your back!

War of the Weeds

Today we are talking about a broadleaf/dandelion pulling tool called the Weed Hound. Many people hurt their backs pulling dandelions and other weeds. Dandelions are in the family of Broadleaf weeds. Opinions vary on how to get rid of them, some of those opinions include dosing your lawn with toxic herbicides .

The problem with eliminating broadleaf weeds is that you have to kill (or remove) the long tap root beneath them. Otherwise, the pesky weeds return, sometimes within days. When you try to pull the roots by hand, you build up a load of tension until the tap root breaks, you fall backwards, and the dandelion grows right back.

Enter the Weed Hound. The Weed Hound looks a little like a cane. You put the tip on the plant, step down, and then grab the handle and lift the plant right out. It works beautifully and painlessly. The entire process can be completed without bending the back at all!

Sneak a peek of this Weed Hound Youtube video.I don’t own any stock in the Hound and this is no paid promotion. I picked mine up at Home Depot for less than $20. As a chiropractor and weed warrior I attest to the power of the Hound in preventing injuries and saving gardens. I stand by the gentle effect of the Weed Hound and would even go so far as to call it fun. Shocking as it may sound, I find the experience to be very Zen.

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