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Flu Shots – What to Know Before You Go

Flu Season is Here

It’s that time of the year when the common flu becomes all too common. Many patients ask if they should get a flu shot. Blue Heron’s stock answer? Yes! Second question, which shot to choose?

In the alternative care community we see these questions regularly. For the record, it is not true that chiropractors do not support immunizations. A squeaky minority of primarily philosophy-driven chiropractors will say that we do not. However, a modern, evidence-based chiropractic physician will support an informed decision about a proper vaccine.

Stay Informed

When you make your appointment for the injection, find out what vaccine you are going to be injected with, and/or what is available.  Likely, half of the offices you call are not going to know up front what they are injecting. However, any of them can find out for you, and as a customer, you deserve to know.  Want to read up on it? Check this out.

Types of Shots

Are all shots created equal?  No. It’s all about the type of shot being offered. There are Trivalent vaccines that are good for three of the flu viruses, and a Quadrivalent vaccine that protects against the fourth “B” virus. The Trivalent injection is given in the muscle. This season, there is also an approved Quadrivalent injection that is given in the skin, with a much smaller needle. There is a special Recombinant Quadrivalent that is made without using eggs to incubate the virus, for people sensitive to eggs.

Since most of these are Inactivated (dead) Influena (flu virus) Vaccines (IIV), you won’t get the flu from them, because the injection contains an inactive virus or no virus at all. It does stimulate an immune response, so the patient may be sore, maybe with muscle aches and headaches. The symptoms may last for a day or two, but are much less severe than actual influenza, according to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

Ultimately, our recommendation is that you make informed choices about health and wellness. Finally, to learn more,  make an appointment today.

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