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February 16, 2010
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March 6, 2010
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Tensional Integrity, A Key To Regeneration.

Tensional Integrity, or as some have called it “Tensegrity”, is a key to regeneration. To the same extent that it has flexibilities, the Body needs its inner rigidities. Not talking about just 100% rigidty, like bones (which actually have some flex, by the way) but a tighter ligament, for example. Stiffness-es are what allow us to stand up to gravity or mechanical forces – and they are essential. Such as the spring ligament in the arch of your foot that keeps that arch from collapsing. Core stabilization is a process – it is based on Tensional integrity. When this is damaged by an injury, or deconditioning (getting out of shape and stretching out) the body must REGENERATE the tension. This is a concept of healing of a mechanical structure.

The body uses mechanical forces (such as pressure or stress) to trigger regeneration of some structures that exist under tension. So an overstretched tissue may not normally return to a tighter length unless put under some dynamic force.  I can discuss how that concept may apply to you, at your next appointment.

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