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February 21, 2010
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Apple iPad for Movies? Better Call A Chiropractor.

In Apple’s iPad promo video, Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, calls the tablet “the best . . . movie-watching experience.” Not a chance. In fact, from an ergonomic perspective (this is your neck speaking), the iPad is a lousy movie-watching device.

In the iPad video, we see a person lounging in a comfy chair, iPad nestled on his/her crotch, watching Star Trek. Now, this particular position may be fine for, say, a five-minute YouTube clip or maybe even a 22-minute sitcom, but not for a two-hour feature film. You’d have to cradle, grasp, or find some other way to prop up the iPad for a lengthy period. In this scenario, you’ve become the iPad’s stand, and that’s no fun. Maybe the switch from Iphone to Ipad has saved your eyestrain; but how about your neck?

Sure, you could always sit up, change positions, switch hands, and so on. Or you could buy the optional iPad stand and place the device on a coffee table. But if that’s your solution, why not simply watch movies on a laptop instead? (Make sure you put it at eye level!)

More details about the toys, but not neccesarily about your neck, at PCWORLD.

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