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August 2, 2012
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September 8, 2012
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Stand up and Stretch

Don’t Sit Your Life Out

If you sit for more than six hours per day, your chances of dying of a cardiac-related issue or of inviting some other health problem, like low back pain, more than doubles. Let me give you some examples – a movie is typically two hours.  Lunch is often an hour, and is a sit-down affair.  If you drive a car or truck, you are sitting, and most office positions are heavy on static sitting. It’s actually pretty easy to get to six hours per day.

My solution is simple and built for the digital age. When at your screen, any screen, every time you hit save or send,  stand up and stretch. In this simple way, you will save yourself,    Just by standing up. How will this fare with a handheld device? Well, every time you close or open an application, stand up and raise your arms and stretch.  Can you imagine standing up more than you are sitting down? Do a joyful dance. Maybe even walk around once. You are saving yourself.

Taking this stand has positive implications for all sorts of pain, even whiplash, pinched nerves, migraine headaches, neck and low back pain and obesity – the list just goes on and on. As a PDX chiropractor in NE Portland Oregon, I try to make Blue Heron Chiropractic and A Back in Balance Chiropractic & Massage a resource that extends and enriches your life.

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