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March 1, 2009
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April 14, 2009
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Like Chiropractic for Dark Chocolate

Well, ok, so there is a lot of anxiety out there in the world right now. And yes, there is a lot of crazy stuff going on. Well, for one moment, what if you could pop a single square of dark chocolate in your mouth, once a day. Not enough to create diabetes, not enough sugar to wreck your immune system – just enough to create feelings of well being. In fact, even processed dark chocolate has even has more anti-inflammatories than Goji Berries, which Acupuncturists like to prescribe people (do I actually have to show you the study??). So I thought, “Hey, what if I gave everybody a nice little square of dark chocolate, on their way out of the clinic…”; and as you rise to go back into your hectic day, what better than to have a piece of chocolate for later. Chocolate causes the level of Serotonin to rise in your brain, and is a source of sulfur for you skin and joints. AND, if you skeptics ever doubted that chocolate can create the same chemical reaction in your brain that the feelings of LOVE create, notice how you can’t think about bad things while a chunk of chocolate melts in your mouth. It works. A natural medicine for spreading feelings of well being. Just don’t overdo it. Treat yourself at my front desk after your visit. On a diet? Give yourself a break. Treat yourself.

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