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September 16, 2008
September 25, 2008
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Even though the weather is getting cooler, I still have to say something about those Flip Flops I see you wearing. You know, the floppy ones with the string between the toe. They used to be inexpensive, but I gather you can now pay big bucks for custom ones. They are still flip flops. Honestly, I love them. I have a pair.The deal with these things, though, are that as shoes, and a foundation for you to work on, they really are not biomechanically good for you. They typically have limited or NO lateral support, they often have no shock absorption (you should see what some of my patients wear in here!), and they are really better suited to lounging around a pool.

The mechanics are interesting. When you lift your foot up, the foot bed falls away. But then when you put it down, the foot bed lands wherever it lands, not necessarily where your foot/ankle/knee/pelvis/Spine needs it to be.  So your body does a little “scoot” to make it right, right after your weight plants down. Fit your body to the shoe, rather than the shoe to your body. Sometimes that actually even hurts people. It sure doesn’t help.

Anyway, I typically associate these things with low back pain and cases of pelvic rotation. I am so sorry to have to report this to you; however, you can still wear them at the pool!  Alternatives: I really like the NEWPORT shoe by KEEN. This can be adjusted, is still open air, has a real footbed. Actually, I like any shoe by that company.  Check them out:

We can talk about footwear anytime. But let’s get the footwear out of the back pain equation as soon as possible, ok?  What can a NE Portland chiropractor like me do to help? See you in the clinic! Bring your shoes with you and we can evaluate them.   Dana Sibilla, Portland Chiropractor

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