September 17, 2008
Fighting Breast Cancer – update
September 29, 2008
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The clinic is sponsoring a sailboat in “Sail for the Cure”, a regatta on the Columbia River on Sunday, September 28, to raise money for Breast Cancer research, awareness education, and cure. I got a little heat from some groups about this, suggesting that I was in bed with “Bit Pharma” and promoting Chemo, but come on here, did they forget that I am an integrated alternative health doctor? Actually, “Komen for the Cure”, who is the non-profit organization who runs this event, is not about “chemo” at all, any more than it is about having options and choices. They advocate a broad range of choices, including natural medicine and prevention. So, this year we hope to raise over $5000 for the cause. Check in next week and I will tell you how we did.

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