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October 2, 2009
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November 2, 2009
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Chiropractic Doctors Need Chiropractic, Too!

So about a week and a half ago, I was doing something strenuous and I knew I had done something to my back and ribcage. What started out like a little nagging pain developed within an hour to the feeling not unlike having an “icepick” stuck in my back, just behind my left shoulder blade. Now I have never had an actual icepick stuck in me, but I am quite certain that this is what it would feel like. And I treat several people with this problem every day.

So at this point, every deep breath caused me to yelp. Me, and I’m no sissy. I could not turn my head to that side, and forget about reaching with the arm. So, I am a chiropractor and I know what this was… that dreaded “rib out” (again). I know as well as anybody that I should get it taken care of and not “wait in case it might go away”. I waited anyway. I waited a whole week and a half. I grumbled alot and it distracted me at work. (you might not have noticed when you came in for a treatment, but I was hurtin’). I used a whole list of things to try to treat it “myself” that I will not bore you with, since they did not work, anyway.

So last week, I finally called my friend Ryan Thomas, who is a Chiro out in Gresham. He adjusted me and I was 90% better, but still needed something. Of course, I had still not rested or taken it easy (look – I had to clean the moss off the roof with a ladder, alright?). So two days ago, Dr. Ryan was in town again and he adjusted me again and it was great. First deep breath in almost 2 weeks.

So that’s all well and good. But this morning, I am in the shower, and of course, the bathroom is cold. I jump under the hot water and raise both hands into my hair to do the shampoo, as a cold draft crosses my back in between the hot water. Yes, the classic scenario for a muscle spasm. Suddenly I have my upper back feels like a dragon has me in its claws….and I try and take a deep breath and there is a STAB…yes, but now it’s on the RIGHT side (the opposite from last week). The whole deal, can’t turn the head or look down, can’t take a deep breath, ow, ow, ow. And I am no sissy.

OK. So now I will call to get adjusted again by my friend. But as soon as I recover from this, remind me to increase my core stability of my back muscles. Oh, yeah, and watch out for the drafts in the bathroom.

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