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April 11, 2020
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May 8, 2020
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Clinic Re-Opens to Include Non-Urgent Patients May 1!

Moving around in public during the Pandemic

We have been open for acute and chronic pain, traumatic injuries, car accidents and work injuries – but now – Blue Heron Chiropractic reopens May 1 to non-urgent care patients!  In Oregon, Chiropractic is considered an essential service and if you would like to get treated, you can come in. Give us  a call or use this website to request an appointment.  You’ll need to have and wear a mask when you arrive, and we will be taking your forehead temperature at the door –  anyone with even a low grade fever will have to be rescheduled (If you don’t have a mask, give us a call). We are separating treatment sessions by 30 minutes in order to handle overflow and to re-sanitize and reset the space.  We will do our best to maintain a 6-foot separation except when absolutely necessary for treatment – and you’ll notice that there are less chairs in reception. We can’t invite friends or family in with you –  please bring yourself – or if you have a driver, have them wait in the car for you.

Resilience Tips
While I have your attention, here are some resilience tips modified from something I got from Oregon Health & Science University. It was initially from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Group, but since it applies to everybody, I have adapted it. 

Children Follow Our Lead
Remember, kids are following the leads of the adults. Young people are looking to see if we are afraid, concerned, confident, calm or Carefree.  They’re looking to us to see how we follow or adapt to guidelines.  It’s important that we check in with ourselves before we check in with kids so that we can be consistent and maintain a structure of normalcy.  It’s important to be calm and likewise to be careful with humor and sarcasm, since it can be misunderstood. 

Having a Routine is a Good Idea
Setting up a routine for our households in 60 to 90 minute chunks is a great idea.  This structure can establish that sense of normalcy.  If we involve the group or family in the planning process for this, it gives everyone, including the kids, a sense of control. 

Activity Combats Depression
Physical activity has been shown to combat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Likewise,    taking regular breaks to go outside for fresh air and exercise is great for mental health. Watch out for getting deeply immersed in binges on digital media.   Look for free online resources like at-home workouts.  

Engage Eachother Where Everyone is Comfortable
Participate in technology alongside your children and family, for example by engaging with them via social media apps or video games they frequently use. Send them a heart.   The key to healthy screen use is awareness. 

Set a Timer to Put Down the Phone
Set a timer to go off at least once an hour to remind you to put down your phone or media device. Turn away from the computer, stand up, stretch and check-in with your friends or family. Re-learn how to be present and available.  Since time may now be available, take the opportunity to have open conversations with your children, spouse or significant other.

Put Down the News and Offer Your Attention
Consume news judiciously from reputable journalism organizations, the Oregon Health Authority or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Watch out for unknown media sources or sources coming from a highly polarized or negative point of view.  Sometimes open comment platforms are populated by people with negative agendas.  Take every opportunity available to involve people around you in group tasks.  Set aside time to offer the people around you your full and undivided attention

Pay Attention to Communities Re-Opening
Pay attention to the coming stages for the reopening of our communities and society. Think positive, be kind and understanding to those around you, stay safe and healthy.  At Blue Heron Chiropractic at 1934 NE Broadway in Portland Oregon, we have tools and ideas to help you get to and maintain health, well-being and vitality.

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