January 7, 2010
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January 30, 2010
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Catching up on “Lost Sleep” may not work well…

People who are chronically sleep-deprived may think they’re caught up after a 10-hour night of sleep, but new research from Harvard medical School shows that although they’re “near-normal” when they awake, their ability to function deteriorates markedly as night falls.  Some studies show that almost 30% of Americans regularly get less than six hours of sleep at night. After two to three weeks, this can lower your reaction times and abilities to 10 times worse than they would have been just pulling an all-nighter.  Many critical positions are held by people who have to stay up long hours, or make decisions when they are tired, including doctors, paramedics, police officers and truckers… and PARENTS. Let’s talk about this and I can share the ways I have handled it in my own life at an appointment NOW.

Eve Van Cauter, a sleep researcher at the University of Chicago, calls the Harvard Medical School study by lead researcher Daniel Cohen, a neurologist, “almost scary, because it really reveals that a large segment of the modern population may be at high risk of committing catastrophic errors, particularly in the middle of the night and the early morning hours.” Get sleep. Let’s talk about ways you can do this. There are a number of ways I can assist you; and the first would be setting up a special appointment to go over all the factors. (NOTE: If you “don’t have the time” for such an appointment, we are on to something…)

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