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Can I return to life after Coronavirus?

Even if you are recovered from Coronavirus, masks are still required during the Pandemic

The good news is that we are getting a lot of calls for people returning out of their Pandemic isolations and Quarantines. People are looking to return to life after Coronavirus, The question keeps coming up, “how soon can I come back in to Blue Heron Chiropractic?”. People want to know when they get an appointment after they have had Covid-19 or someone in their household or work has become positive. And what what if someone at home is still sick?

According to the recent CDC Guidelines, if you think or know that you have had Coronavirus, you can be around others 10 days after symptoms first appeared,  and 24 hours after you have had no fever – although that includes no fever reducing medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen or aspirin.  Other symptoms of Covid-19 also need to be improving,  although sense of taste and smell might continue to be depressed or gone for weeks or months, and doesn’t need to delay your return. 

If you had tested positive for Covid-19 but never had symptoms, you need to wait 10 days after the positive test (That is 10 days from the day that you were tested, not the day that you got the results.) Of course, any other exposures after that date would have to be taken into consideration. 

If you are seriously ill or immune-compromised, you might need to stay home  up to 20 days after Covid-19 symptoms first appeared. If you are severely immunocompromised you probably should be tested again to determine if you can be around others, since you could technically still be carrying the virus. You should ask your primary care doctor if you fall into this category.

In general, if you have not had Covid-19 yourself, and you think or know you have been around a person, co-worker or family member with Covid-19,  the best way to protect yourself and others is a stay home for 14 days. There might be options to shorten this, but  please call and let’s talk about it. If you have had Covid-19 in the last 3 months and recovered, and remained without symptoms, you do not need to stay home.

All of this information is constantly changing, so check for the most recent guidelines. The CDC Decision Memo is here.

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