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May 15, 2012
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May 26, 2012
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Whiplash Bike Accident, Flashing Lights?

A well-lit bike can keep you safe on the road. Flashers work!

As a Portland, Orgeon chiropractor (and a cyclist), I have had a recent upsurge in bicycle accidents come in. Some of them are car accidents or basically motor vehicle vs. bike, which never works out well for the bike.   Did you know you could get a whiplash injury on a bike? Well with a mountain bike or hybrid, you can!

However, let’s today talk about flashing lights on bikes. I think that the safest bikes on the crowded, fast Portland streets are the ones that have a flashing white strobe in the front (always turned on!) and a flashing red in the back. These are the bikers that are seen by motorists. I was inspired by a biker that came up behind me from a long way off while I was at a stop light today… I could not ignore him, I knew he was coming from a block away. And then, when he went by, the red flasher kept me aware.

Avoid bicycle whiplash injuries and major headaches from sprains and strains. Get treated by a Portland, Oregon chiropractor; we are ready for you at Blue Heron Chiropractic! We can mix in some massage therapy by a massage therapist (LMT) to help blend the benefits.

Especially if you don’t have health insurance, insure yourself with a pair of $20 lights front and back, with fresh batteries. Make safety a part of your treatment plan. Come in and talk to me about it in the clinic at your next chiropractic appointment; it’s great to see you safe!

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