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April 27, 2012
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May 23, 2012
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A “New Low” – To Get My Beachbody On?

At some point this summer, with this warmer weather, you may  get your beachbody on and go to a beach. Or a pool. Or maybe you will just hang out in your backyard.  It will get hot, and you won’t want to be covered up anymore. You may reach into that drawer and find that skimpy shirt, pair of trunks or swimsuit you loved to wear. You go for it… the fit just isn’t the same – it shrunk, right?  At that moment, you will think about this blog.

Either way, I feel your pain. The time has come for me to pay attention to my beachbody again, and so I have added a “Cleanse” to my usual managed-eating plan.  What I regularly do won’t really fit in this blog –  so you would want to make an appointment to talk to me about it. But briefly, what I have added back in is a “fat burn” where I will drink only water for 48 hours, laced with a little green tea extract and a touch of fruit, and have some snacks of almonds and apple slices.  My portions are intentional. I never put more than one almond or apple slice in my mouth at a time, for example… I savor it (I only have 12 of each in my lunchbag today).  It’s all about developing, maintaining, and eventually reminding myself about self-control habits for healthy living.  [I will drink 8 bottles of water today, by the way]. My body will burn clean fat for 48 hours, and I will feel great every minute of it. I know it sounds scary and of course, you think you could never do it, and it’s soooo weird… but so is being uncomfortable about not fitting into my clothes or getting winded chasing a dog up a hill.  This morning I did 30 mins of elliptical, 50 sit-ups, 50 push ups, and 50 low-impact jumping jacks at home. I am on my way to a “new low” of 182-184 pounds (down from holding at 186-188). I need to go below 179 to level out at 182.

And if you are currently recuperating from a back injury, or a motor vehicle accident, even if you have whiplash or a herniated disc, you too can do this! I can help you set this up in a way that will not interfere with your healing – and will even support it. It’s about doing it in a prescriptive and sensible and intentional manner. Talk to me about it at your next appointment!

If you want to hear more about these strategies, explore the Vitality Program section of this page.

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