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March 2, 2020
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An even better Coronavirus Blog

Viruses embedded on a Membrane like the inside of your nose

Here’s an even better Coronavirus blog. The impact of Coronavirus has already been pretty big and it will likely get bigger before we get it under control. But we will – and so long as we avoid panic – we will learn from this and be safer in the long run.

Many people who get Covid-19 will recover after a flu-like illness in a few days to a week; some will not. At Blue Heron Chiropractic & Healing Arts Center, we are mobilizing some of the best ideas to keep our patients and the community safe. Many Chiropractic Doctors can help you with this.  At the same time, we are not set up to test you and you should probably not come in if you are sick; if you have a concern, call us and say “I have a concern, please call me” to our service.

Here are some basic Coronavirus “Community Transmission” Ideas

1. Avoid shaking hands. Go for a “Virtual Handshake” or the “Thumbs Up”.  Take this seriously. Washable cloth gloves in public are not an outrageous idea – this virus may stay active on surfaces for several days – but there would be a huge environmental impact if we use disposable gloves. Masks are not called for now, but hugging is pushing the safety boundaries. I know – the implications are huge.
2. Wash hands frequently before and after EVERY contact in a public place, including handrails, doorknobs, countertops. Avoid touching mouth and nose.
3. Hand Sanitizers MUST have at least 62% Alcohol to be effective; set aside most other “natural products” for now.   Soap and water also works – wash for 20 seconds.
4. A 70%-99% alcohol spray in a tiny spray bottle is cheap and effective and keep it in your pocket.
5. Monitor for fever. In an adult, a fever is above 100.4 If you have 100.3, definitely check again soon.
6. If you or a relative are 60 years of age or older, or have health compromise ie diabetes, COPD, immunological issues (a longer list exists), are a smoker or there is obesity, there will be more vulnerability here. The very young are also more vulnerable – they need to be protected too.
6. If you are coughing or have respiratory distress – even if you don’t have a fever – consider getting tested. Cover all coughs. Monitor people who are coughing, look sickly, have breathing challenges.
7. If you are coughing – fever or not – then “Staying Home” may not be the option until after you are advised and potentially tested. However – going to work, going into public, going to gatherings with coughing/sneezing, running nose MUST be imperatively stopped. Home monitoring systems are being set up.
8. Of all the remedies and things that you hear about, “Zinc Lozenges” daily might actually assist in depressing the virus in your mucous membranes and delay or arrest migration to your lungs. There you go. Be wary of untested natural remedies and flakey, folky ideas. And wash your hands, and get good sleep.
9. Pay attention to event restrictions and local developments. There are a lot of cancellations showing up.
10. More answers to questions can be found here:

IF WE CAN STOP THE PANDEMIC TRANSMISSION SPIKE OF THIS THE EVENT WILL TRANSPIRE IN A LESS DRAMATIC FASHION. Above all, avoid both panic and apathy and ambivalence. Call to discuss this at any time, and I will see you at your next appointment (which you can also make right here)!


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