Rib out! Doctors Need Chiropractic Too!
January 2, 2018
Chiropractic – Making Wise Choices
January 20, 2018

Chiropractic tables are not all the same. A chiropractic table is intended to be more than a comfortable flat surface. It’s actually not about soft padding although yes, we know – that’s nice, too. Chiropractic tables have features that allow for leverage, specialized adjustments, pre-positioning, and in the case of at least one of our specialty tables at Blue Heron Chiropractic – continuous passive motion (CPM).

All of the tables at the clinic have special features. When your session is assigned to a room, it is in order to utilize a particular specialty table. One of our rooms has a “lift” table (which stands up to gently lower you down into a lying down position – a “transfer”), another focuses on “drops”, which allows for softer, smoother adjustments. A third is “bench table” (also with drops) and a fourth has a moving platform that can perform what is called “Flexion-Distraction Traction”. Continuous  Passive Motion (CPM) is possible on that specialty table, permitting controlled and gently repetitive joint motion for remodeling and rehabilitation. We are pleased to have these fully-featured tables.  All of this automatically becomes a part of your treatment plan.

We also have specialty bolsters (cushions) to support tender bodies and even pregnant bellies.

The bottom line is that the chiropractic tables at Blue Heron are all a cut above what’s typically out there “on the street”. Whether you are getting a wellness adjustment, or rehabilitating from a motor vehicle accident injury or work comp (on-the-job) injury, we have something specific to assist you. Ask to check them out at the next session on your treatment plan, or request an appointment here. 

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