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The Painful Impact of Spinal Deformities

What Is a Spinal Deformity?

Spinal deformities can affect your daily performance, and complicate your recovery from an accident or injury. These deformities include scoliosis curves, lateral side curvatures, altered cervical curves,  pelvic tilts and leg length inequalities.

Interestingly enough, some medical professions have historically treated these deformities as less impactful than they truly are. Shea Bess MD, of the Rocky Mountain Scoliosis and Spine was one such medical professional. “I had the opinion that spinal deformity causes little physical impairment other then back pain and cosmetic concerns.”  However, he has changed his tune. Bess has presented a new study suggesting the impact of spinal deformity is similar to that of cancer and diabetes.

Striving to Understand

Here at Blue Heron Chiropractic and a Back in Balance Chiropractic & Massage, a Northeast Portland chiropractor, we never consider back pain to be insignificant.

Regular activities can aggravate a spinal deformity, which can produce decreased range of motion, or added mechanical stress.  Deformities further agitate nerve compressions or pinched nerves. Furthermore, whiplash injuries or regular pain can certainly be worsened and make  recoveries more complicated. Chiropractic can help directly, without drugs or surgery – we are your first line of defense against this kind of pain.

Let’s review your case at your next appointment, or schedule one today so that we can discuss the best way to make your neuro-musculo-skeletal future more productive.  Request an Appointment here.


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