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August 18, 2008
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September 16, 2008
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What’s that Tape on her shoulder? Kinesiotape?

Ok, so some of you or all of you saw Beijing Olympics US Beach Volleyball player Kerri Walsh’s shoulder and wondered what that mass of black tape was. Well, it was Kinesiotape or Kinesio tape, a special tape designed to stimulate lymphatic flow and healing as well as to support…and I am pleased to say that I have used it at Blue Heron Clinic for about five years! We use this often when an injury takes extra time to heal or needs some extra support (it is not exactly cheap like sports tape, but it is worth it).  Here is a picture of Kerri with what appears to be a couple of layers of tape (applied and then re-applied on top – there is actually a very careful pattern to this): Kerri Walsh Kinesiotape;  Anyway, check out the Kinesiotape page , and let’s put some onto you on your next visit. 2018 Update: we also use K-tape, Kenesio Tex tape, and Rock Tape – do you have a favorite? And yes, while you can obtain this on the internet, it’s a bit hard and sometimes impossible to apply it properly yourself…  let us guide you on at least your first application. Schedule here.

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