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December 24, 2008
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It scares me that I have to be writing this to you. You probably have your car insured and have a pretty good policy. However, we have started to see, over the last year, a statistically significant number of people getting into car accidents where the other driver is not insured. YES, it’s true.
Now, this can be a big problem for you or a small problem, it really depends.

It turns out, in Oregon, there is Uninsured Motorist Coverage that can be added to your policy. It’s an optional coverage. It’s not expensive… BUT, carriers will not insist or may not even suggest that you add it, since they want the dollars and cents you pay to compete against other companies.

The reality is accidents really do happen. And something like 50%… YES, something like FIFTY PERCENT of the cases I am seeing involve drivers with no insurance. Now listen. I do not work for an insurance company, honest, I don’t. However, I think it’s important to tell you this if you want them to pay your bills.

One other thing. If you have coverage written in Oregon, of course you have PIP (Personal Injury Protection). However, there are certain times when UMC (uninsured motorist coverage) could become very important. Too complicated to explain, not my place to do so, go ask a lawyer. But you should think about this. Oh yeah, one more reason to consider this is that other drivers might be UNDER-INSURED (really low policy limits), which also is an important and timely issue.

Contact your insurance agent’s office, and ask them if you have the UNINSURED MOTORIST coverage on your policy, and how much it is to add it. It could be just a few dollars a month. And then you would have “full coverage” in the event someone without insurance plows into you. Drive Safely!

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