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Trampoline Injuries

Girl (Talya Ben-Ari age 3) jumps on trampoline. Statistics show that about 80000 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for trampoline-related injuries every year

Yes, Chiropractors do more than Car accident whiplash and motor vehicle related low back pain. We are seeing a higher incidence of Trampoline injuries, ranging from backyard setups to “jump” facilities.  Using a trampoline is promoted as fun. But the growing popularity of trampolines among 8-year-olds to adults is resulting in a dramatic increase in serious injuries – including broken necks, spinal cord injuries, and disabling head traumas, many of which result in permanent paralysis as well as death. An everyday Trampoline injury can actually be debilitating – as in taking years or even a lifetime to recover.

Common Injuries include broken bones (Sometimes surgery is needed), concussions and other head injuries, Sprains/strains, Bruises, scrapes, and cuts, as well as Head and neck injuries (which can lead to permanent paralysis or death).

Most trampoline injuries occur when there is more than one person using a trampoline. But even solo, injuries happen all the time. Jumpers can get hurt when they land wrong while jumping, miss-perform while flipping and doing somersaults (this should not be allowed because of the risk of head and neck injuries), strike or are struck by another person or element in the area (pillar, brace, rafter; fall or jump off the trampoline, or land on the springs or frame.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against trampolines other than in actual, fully supervised training programs for gymnastics, diving, or other competitive sports. Trampolines may be popular and a fun way to get exercise, but there are safer ways to be physically active, such as playing catch, riding a bike (don’t forget a bike helmet), or playing a team sport. FInd out if your children’s friends have a trampoline in their backyard, before you get the call from the ER!  Let’s talk about this at your next appointment.

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