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March 14, 2010
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April 4, 2010
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The Future of the Computer Mouse is here?

This is not off-topic because a lot of my work deals with Ergonomics and computer mice. Those of you with repetitive micro-trauma workstation problems know what I am talking about. At OMSI right now, there is a computer interface in the NASA/Space exhibit, where you literally wave your arms in the air to select things, and grab them and move them around on a big screen. Now some of you will recall me joking about wanting to be able to do that. But the question is this – this is certainly elegant, but will it work for people? Maybe it will. It is certainly elegant. GO TRY IT. It’s worth the whole exhibit, in my opinion.

Certainly, someone with a shoulder problem is going to have issues with this. So I guess we would need a backup mouse. And, even the computer they had in the exhibit was a bit slow, surely it was the best of the best, and I personally wave my arms fast, are we going to need a whole new level of hardware?

As always, we solve one problem and create another. I am looking into the implications of involving your whole upper body in making a home-shopping selection.

Link to OMSI:

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